Services: Dentistry
A horse’s teeth will continue to erupt throughout their entire life, predisposing them to sharp points, malocclusions and oral discomfort.  Their permanent teeth erupt between the ages of 1 and 5 years old, this time frame coincides with when we are introducing them to a bit and putting them through training.  For these reasons a thorough dental procedure becomes very beneficial to not only their well-being, but also for their performance. 

We offer a comprehensive performance dental with motorized equipment and a full mouth speculum.   The dental equipment we use has a small guarded head that allows us easy access to all areas in the horse’s mouth without causing trauma.  We routinely balance the arcades, extract wolf teeth, extract deciduous caps, reduce and align incisors, reduce canines, eliminate sharp enamel points and correct premolar and molar malocclusions. 

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