Services: Mare Reproductive Services
     (Artificial Insemination and Foal services):
Dr. Melinda Roche specializes in equine reproduction and we are happy to be able to offer extensive reproduction services including comprehensive diagnosis, treatment and management of fertile and infertile mares, artificial insemination (AI) with chilled and frozen semen, monitoring of high risk pregnancies, and foaling services.  We offer a mare breeding package that is formulated to allow optimal breeding management and cost savings to the client.   Services in the breeding package include ultrasound/rectal palpations as needed, hormone injections, semen pickup from fed-ex, AI, semen motility analysis, post breeding ultrasound and early pregnancy diagnosis via ultrasound.  Additional services that are available include uterine therapy, intra-uterine antibiotics, post-breeding oxytocin injections, regumate (progesterone) treatment, caslicks operation and twin reduction.  
Breeding a mare can be very time consuming and financially involved.  Therefore we offer, and recommend, a mare breeding soundness exam.  The breeding soundness exam is important to evaluate a mare’s reproductive health.  This exam shows the health of the ovaries (good follicle production), uterus (presence of fluid or cysts), cervix (tight with no tears or adhesions), and endometrium (inflammation, fibrosis that interferes with conception, and mare’s ability to carry a foal to term).

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