Services: Gastroscopy
Through the use of a flexible 3 meter fiber optic light device (gastroscope) we are now offering gastroscopy.  Gastroscopy is an amazing new addition to the practice that allows us to visualize the esophagus, stomach and proximal small intestine.  It is the only method available to diagnosis stomach ulcers. 

A significant number of performance horses and horses that are in training, regardless of age or breed, suffer from gastric ulcers.  Ulcers are typically a result from stress and clinical signs include lethargy, poor appetite, diarrhea, poor hair coat, weight loss or poor growth, teeth grinding, colic and/or poor performance. 

Gastroscopy is invaluable to diagnose ulcers and monitor horses for resolution following treatment.  Many times horses clinical signs are improved but the ulcers are not completely healed.  Knowing this will help us use the most appropriate treatment available to maximize your horses’ health and performance.  

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