Services: Equine Wellness and
                Preventative Medicine
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Horses are living much longer and happier lives today, compared to 50, or even, 25 years ago.  Why is this?  Annual wellness exams and preventative medicine.  There is no doubt that prevention of disease is favored over treatment of disease.  Not only is it safer but it is also more cost effective.

Your horses’ health is our primary concern; therefore we recommend annual wellness exams.  During the exam we will be more than happy to discuss your horse’s overall health, dental health, body condition score, feeding regiments, vaccination protocols and deworming programs.  Rather than making blank recommendations we will be happy to discuss different options for each horse based on their breed, age, sex, management, lifestyle and occupation.  We also have USDA accreditation which allows us to be able to perform Coggins testing (for Equine Infectious Anemia) and health certificates for interstate and international horse movement.